Proxima Code

Empower your business with forward-thinking and measurable lead culture

With the right lead strategy, Proxima will contribute to a forward-thinking and measurable lead culture. The access to information you gain through Proxima allows your company to follow up on leads and make data-driven decisions, and adjust your strategy accordingly. With our solution, you will achieve a clear improvement in the company’s productivity through good lead culture.

How does Proxima give you optimal customer flow management?

Does your company spend time and money on activities and initiatives without knowing the outcome? Proxima gives you a measurable answer to the value of the time and money you spend on collaboration and initiatives in your company. Our solution is the only A-to-Z solution that gives you the tools to measure impact, but also helps you to further streamline the results in your company. It’s about unlocking the potential in your company, especially through effective customer flow management. With Proxima, you gain complete visibility into all customer flows in one place.

Proxima Code

Work with leads across the organization

Proxima Code has developed a lead management solution and integrated it into various CRM systems for numerous banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms in Scandinavia. The solution is ideal for different businesses and sectors collaborating on the same customers, selling different products.

Proxima – An optimal tool for the management

Proxima Code has 20 years of experience in lead management and counts some of Scandinavia’s largest banks and brokers among its clients. With Proxima, you, as a manager, gain a tool that offers significant value and a real-time view of your business’s performance.


Proxima – How it works in practice

Most of our clients come to us looking for a system to manage leads effectively. In today’s dynamic business world, where potential customers are more valuable than ever, the ability to retain and leverage every lead is a significant competitive advantage. But how does Proxima actually work?