Collect leads from all lead channels with one system


Web forms are important sources for obtaining leads – and companies tend to have a variety of forms lying around that don’t coordinate with each other. Proxima gives you a system that both transfers and manages leads from all web forms and collects them. This ensures an easier collection of all incoming leads, and therefore a more efficient lead management.

One system for all lead channels 

A company usually has a variety of different lead channels. Take the banking industry as an example: Banks tend to have application forms for bank loans on different websites belonging to their affiliates. One form sends leads into one inbox, while another form sends leads to a different inbox. In such cases, the various web forms cause an unsystematic organization of leads. Proxima is a platform designed for best possible lead management. Our solution systematizes and organizes all leads from online forms, thus keeping them warm.

All types of web forms may use our solution, such as mortgages, car loans, consumer loans, insurance, etc. All leads from different channels are gathered into one platform. Not only does this ensure better organization, but also lays the foundation for simpler status follow-up. As a positive consequence of this, hit rate and conversion improve significantly.

Meet the customer when they are interested and warm 

Collection of leads from all channels into one system, gives you the opportunity to meet the customer when they are actively seeking your services. This is the moment when the person in question is the warmest, and the possibility of conversion is the highest.

Through Proxima, the customer will receive an SMS meant to obtain consent, in line with GDPR. This happens automatically after the customer’s web form has been filled out. When the customer approves, they are then transferred to the first available advisor for fast turnaround time. Our solution ensures efficient customer service when people are registering online.

Proxima Code
GDPR vennlig system

Proxima validates phone numbers

When filling in an online form about loans or other services, the customer is asked to provide a number in order to establish contact. Proxima will then automatically validate the registrant’s mobile number, in addition to obtaining consent through SMS confirming that the customer wishes to be contacted. This process ensures your company that only real applicants come through, and also saves the company time.

When a business uses Proxima, they get their own dedicated phone number that connects to the system. This is the number from which the customer receives the SMS obtaining consent. Our system thus ensures that customer information is processed in line with GDPR.

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Proxima ensures that your company gets efficient lead management. With our solution, leads are processed while they are still hot, thus making the chance of conversion higher. Our industry solution has been developed for banking, real estate and insurance, but can be implemented into all industries where effective lead management is crucial. You can read more about how Proxima works here.


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