Effective and customer-friendly lead flow for real estate and banking

Fra megler til bankrådgiver

Proxima ensures that leads from real estate agents to financial advisors are handled quickly, and stay warm. The leads remain secure and 100 % GDPR-compliant, ensuring the bank good customer care.

Automation and efficiency in lead handling

When a potential home buyer needs a mortgage, it is in the real estate agent’s and the bank’s best interest that the buyer remains within their sphere. Good and efficient processing of a buyer’s loan request is important in order to take care of the buyer. Proxima gives real estate agents and banks a unique opportunity to process such requests in an effective and productive way.

During an open house, the real estate agent can ask if the buyer would like a mortgage offer from the real estate agent’s bank of collaboration. When the buyer agrees, that person is then registered as a lead. Subsequently, the lead is automatically forwarded to a financial advisor, while personal information stays safeguarded according to GDPR. 

With the help of the Proxima, lead handling at the bank can happen efficiently by providing the banks with a system for rapid customer care. Within a short time, the financial advisor can contact the buyer to arrange financing, which also secures the bank a new future customer. 

The system creates a win-win situation for all parties – the real estate agent gets a residence sold, the buyer can buy a new home and the financial advisor secures a new customer in the bank.

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Leads are taken care of 

A good escalation rate is in the best interest for the company. Banks often receive a large amount of qualified tips, which can make it difficult to handle them all. Proxima delivers a solution that enables the bank to follow up all of the qualified leads easily.

The system ensures that the tip is forwarded to the next financial advisor in the system if it is not dealt with within a reasonable time. If the second financial advisor also fails to handle it, the lead keeps getting sent to the next person in line. This ensures good internal follow-up that shows how the various tips are managed. In this way, the resources can also be placed where they are most needed.

Proxima Code
Proxima Code

Satisfied parties

We believe that Proxima ensures better customer service. The potential home buyer gets a favorable loan quickly, which in turn strengthens the customer’s relationship with the bank. The bank secures a new future customer, which in turn increases future income. We at Proxima Code have experienced that our customers have noticed an improvement in lead handling after using our solution.

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Retainament of existing systems 

Whether it is the real estate agent’s system or the bank’s CRM system, no existing systems need to be changed. Proxima has open APIs that connect to the present systems the company uses. Such simple implementation makes our solution easy to use, and the company avoids having to convert to completely new systems.

100 % GDPR-compliant 

Proxima ensures full GDPR-compliance in all lead handlings. The customer consents to their information being forwarded to a financial advisor. Our solution is proven effective, and ensures fast and efficient processing for companies. The personal information is secured by regulated insight, and the only person being allowed is the financial advisor who will contact the potential home buyer.

What is Proxima? 

Proxima provides you with a solution that streamlines lead handling in your company. Our platform systematizes all your leads and ensures fast and efficient processing, which is positive for your company and in turn creates good customer service. All your leads are processed securely, as our system is 100% GDPR compliant!

We have industry solutions developed for banking, property and insurance, but the platform can also be implemented for other industries! Here you can read more about how Proxima works.

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