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Nordea uses Proxima to manage and transfer leads. By utilizing the platform’s customization options, Nordea now has a system that lets them manage leads quickly, do important measurements and report to their partners. 

Moving leads between the bank and its partners

In the bank, real estate and insurance industries, customer enquiries are frequently transferred between different parties. It is crucial to have good systems that ensure that leads are managed quickly, and thereby kept warm. Proxima is made for this purpose – and Nordea has used the platform for lead management for a number of years. Per Øivind Fuhr, Key Account Manager in Nordea Norge, says that they are very satisfied with the system.

Nordea often sees that their bank customers also are in need of real estate and insurance services. If for instance one of Nordea’s advisers notices that the customer is in a house moving process, it makes sense to suggest Nordea’s own real estate chain, PrivatMegleren. The adviser can transfer the tip to the realtor once the customer agrees. If the customer needs insurance services, tips can be sent to Nordea’s partner Gjensidige. This kind of lead transfer is easy when using Proxima.

When cooperating closely with external parties, it is important to have a common platform for communication. Nordea therefore encourages their partners to use Proxima fully. This makes the process easier for all parties, Fuhr explains.

User-friendly and  flexible system provides great value

Fuhr says that the most important thing for Nordea is to have a system that works seamlessly, allowing them to get in touch with customers quickly and not risk losing any leads. Proxima is made with this in mind, giving businesses like Nordea a good foundation for effective lead management.

According to Fuhr, Proxima can easily be customized according to needs. If Nordea for instance is aware that one of their teams is understaffed, they can direct leads to other teams instead. In the system, you can also decide which escalation rate you want – a possibility Nordea takes advantage of. If a banking adviser for instance receives a tip from a realtor, but is unable to handle it within reasonable time, the lead is forwarded to another person. Customers can choose the number of hours freely; some of Nordea’s teams have a low escalation rate of just one and a half hours.

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Effektiv leadshåndtering i Nordea

Easy to measure and report

Measuring and reporting is central in Nordea, and they are very pleased with the platform’s solutions for this. All managers can access the system and check the status themselves, which is practical for a business like Nordea. 

Additionally, Fuhr explains that the system makes it easy to extract the data they need, with just a few clicks. Thereby, Nordea can manage commission, as well as create and forward reports to partners without problems.

You can also view history for all leads in the system – which Nordea finds useful when planning future lead management, Fuhr says. For example, you can see which advisers have the best results in managing customer enquiries, and potentially direct more tips to them in order to increase effectivity.

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Proxima is a platform that helps you follow up customer enquiries more effectively. In the platform, all leads are systematized and handled in a way that ensures that they are kept warm. The platform is 100 % GDPR compliant, and you can rest easy knowing that all leads are managed securely.

We have industry solutions for banking, real estate and insurance, but the system is not limited to this! Read more about how Proxima works here. 

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