Effective leads transfers from financial advisor to insurance advisor

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Transferring leads between financial advisors and insurance advisors can usually take several days. With Proxima, however, this process is managed immediately and efficiently. The system also ensures that insurance advisors are able to handle more relevant tips that actually convert. 

Lead management takes place efficiently

It is important that the transferring of a lead between the financial advisor and the insurance advisor happens while the tip is still hot. With Proxima, the insurance companies get a system that ensures that the follow-up of customers does not stall, but takes place efficiently and within a reasonable time.

The process simply starts with a financial adviser asking a customer if they would like an offer for insurance. If the customer accepts the offer, the person is then contacted via an SMS which gathers a consent to be contacted by an insurance adviser. With this, Proxima ensures 100% GDPR-compliant handling of the customer’s personal information. After the customer agrees, contact with an insurance advisor is established within a reasonable time. The customer thus gets good customer follow-up, and the insurance company gets a new possible customer.

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You get to process the most relevant tips

We at Proxima Code have observed that our customers have had an enormous increase in the number of qualified and warm leads after adopting our solution. This is because the leads that enter the insurance advisor’s system are customers with an actual desire to sign an insurance contract, which increases the chance of actually securing the insurance company a new customer. 

It is in the interest of insurance advisers to deal with relevant leads – customers who actually want to sign an insurance. Proxima ensures significantly more efficient lead management, which in turn delivers more profitable results. With this, the system is beneficial for both the customer and the insurance adviser.

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See which leads convert

With Proxima, employees can easily see the status of the leads. This gives the insurance advisors a better insight into which types of leads convert, and thereby which leads should be prioritized in the future. Following the customer’s consent to be contacted, their information remains completely secure and only the insurer contacting them gains insight into the data. This ensures a 100% GDPR-compliant handling of all customer information.  

Proxima gives Gjensidige insight into lead conversion.

The customers get a better deal

As Proxima allows insurance advisors to handle the leads while they are still hot, this also ensures good customer care. Instead of a potential customer waiting for several days for a case to be created, our solution makes this process happens quickly and efficiently. This also helps to ensure better customer loyalty as they feel taken care of.

Connects easily to all CRM-systems

Proxima has open APIs that easily connect to the company’s own CRM systems. Therefore, the solution is easy to implement, and you don’t have to replace already existing systems. The employees thus avoid having to learn a completely new platform, and the company saves enormous sums by not changing its own system.

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This is the Proxima

With Proxima, your company gets a solution that creates efficient and fast lead transferring. This allows your employees to focus on the tips that really count and actually convert – great for the customer and for your company! All customer data is processed 100% GDPR-compliant.

Our industry solution has been developed for real estate, insurance and banking, but the platform can easily be implemented in all industries that are concerned with fast and efficient customer handling. Click here if you want to learn more about how Proxima works.

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