Empower your business with forward-thinking and measurable lead culture

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With the right lead strategy, the Proxima will contribute to a forward-thinking and measurable lead culture. The access to information you gain through the Proxima allows your company to follow up on leads and make data-driven decisions, and adjust your strategy accordingly. With our solution, you will achieve a clear improvement in the company’s productivity through good lead culture.

Why are leads perishable?

Leads are potential customers who have shown interest in your services and products. When a person is registered as a lead, they can be contacted to provide an offer with their contact information. Our solution is fully GDPR compliant, so you never have to worry about your leads being handled incorrectly.
Leads must be treated like perishable goods. It is important to process leads quickly so that you don’t lose them to competitors. One thing is for sure, if you don’t follow up on a lead quickly enough, you will lose the customer. Therefore, our system is designed to handle leads while they are still hot.

Optimal utilization of leads

Proxima is a scalable platform that helps your business
adapt to market demand. Proxima gives your business an overview of the conversion rate for potential customers, while also enabling close collaboration with your business partners.

Proxima can be connected to all types of lead sources. This includes
web forms, call centers, emails and other types of sources. This gives you the opportunity to quickly organize and systematize all leads in one place, giving you a complete overview of the leads. This will allow your employees to contact the customers immediately by giving them early enough access to incoming leads.

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The foundation for an effective lead strategy

The reports examine how well the employees are at converting the customers. That the customers are followed up as quickly as possible, that meetings are booked, and that the employees talk to them. It’s about providing good service. Good lead strategy is about finding the insights into the measurable activities in the company. How effective the employees are, and which measures work and don’t.

Our system contributes to a forward-leaning and measurable lead culture by creating a good customer journey. The lead should be contacted while it is still warm, so that it ends up as a satisfied customer. Through the reports you receive about hit rate, how long it takes to address the customers, how quickly cases are expedited, and many customers who are anonymized, meaning they do not end up giving their consent to be contacted, it will give you an insight that you can use to optimize the company.

The lead strategy is about the customer journey, that the system makes sure to collect the lead in the right way, and follow it all the way to the goal. We are a kind of infrastructure where the lead is taken care of all the way. It’s the most important thing you can do in your business, to utilize the leads, and not let them lie hidden and forgotten.

Why is a good lead culture important?

To achieve the results you want, you are dependent on providing good customer service. They should be seen and followed up quickly. Professional pride in service is extremely important and rubs off on the customer.

A good lead culture is about measuring your customer activities, customer flows, and having a complete overview of what the company earns. What marketing measures need to be taken, and what has worked well and what has not. It is about taking advantage of all the opportunities the company gets, measuring them, and then using funds in a useful way. With our solution, your results are put into a system. By using all measurable results, you can use the numbers to achieve the desired results.

Boost business productivity with simple lead management

One of the biggest challenges faced in all industries is that you don’t get enough out of your leads. With Proxima, you are guaranteed that your customer inquiries are handled efficiently, via a user-friendly portal. Since the system can be adapted to different situations and businesses, your company can benefit from the solution, regardless of which industry you work in. You will gain unique insights into the figures the company performs, which you can benefit from further.

Proxima uses a model that gives your company a flexible way to handle larger volumes of leads in a time-efficient manner. The system can handle increasing demand by adapting resources, without compromising performance. At the same time as existing customers can receive better customer service, this gives a quick response to potential customers. With our system, you take a pulse on the company – how is the company doing now compared to yesterday, last month, or last year. Proxima is a leadership tool you don’t want to miss.

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Nurture your leads

Effective lead follow-up requires a well-functioning system for handling them. Proxima sends the lead to the next employee in the system if the lead is not followed up on in time. This way, the leads are passed on until someone takes care of them. In this way, no leads are forgotten, and all are handled.

The value of nurtured leads

Large volumes of qualified leads are positive, but only if you manage to utilize them effectively. Our solution provides you with the system that makes it easy to follow up on leads and gives you measurable reports on what works and what doesn’t in your channels. Therefore, it will be useful to cut out activities that you cannot measure, simply to be able to have an overview of what benefits your business with measurable activities. Do not spend resources on something you do not know is effective for the company.

We see that Proxima ensures good customer service and improves existing customer relationships. Our customers notice a clear improvement in the company’s productivity through good lead culture, with our solution.

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