Fast lead management creates happy customers in Nordea Denmark

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Proxima helps Nordea Denmark optimize their processing of customer enquiries. In addition to accelerating the company’s lead management, the platform gives them access to new data insights. Based on this, Nordea Denmark wants to create good customer experiences. 

Putting the customer first

Nordea Denmark switched to Proxima in early 2022. At the time, the platform had already been used in Nordea Norway and Nordea Sweden for a while. There, it was considered to be a reliable system containing good solutions. This was the main reason why Proxima was chosen also for Nordea Denmark, says Mette Herum Larsen, Business Developer in Nordea Denmark. 

Nordea Denmark has a culture that is largely customer-centric. They continuously work to create the best experiences for their customers – and in order to accomplish this, speed and insights are key factors. The company wants a system that helps them optimize their processes, both when new customers come in and when they are transferred within the system. They hope that Proxima will help them achieve this. So far, the platform has made a positive impression, Herum Larsen says.

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Faster customer management – happy customers

In the banking, real estate and insurance industries, customer enquiries are frequently transferred between companies. Banking customers are often also in need of real estate or insurance services, and the advisor may transfer tips to the bank’s partners. This goes both ways; partners also forward tips to Nordea.

When transferring leads, obtaining consent is important; the customer needs to consent to their information being shared with other parties. After switching to Proxima, Nordea Denmark see that this is happening faster than before.

Escalation rate is also important in order to create satisfied customers. It is of high importance to Nordea Denmark that their customers get help from the right competence immediately, and this is particularly fast when dealing with the purchase of a  home. The goal is that Proxima will contribute positively to this, Herum Larsen says.

Proxima Code
Proxima Code

Gaining new data insights

Furthermore, Herum Larsen says that Proxima has provided Nordea Denmark with a data overview. This will be used to improve the customer experience in all of Nordea Denmark’s channels.

Customized to the Danish market

Nordea Denmark find their close collaboration with the Proxima Code developers to be advantageous. According to Herum Larsen, there has been a high level of flexibility in the collaboration thus far. The solution has been adapted to fit the Danish market, and the company is very happy with it.

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This is Proxima

Proxima helps you manage your business’ leads more effectively. Our platform systematizes all leads and ensures that they are handled quickly – which is beneficial for both your customers and your business. We are of course 100 % GDPR compliant, and you can rest easy knowing that your leads are managed securely.

We offer an industry solution developed for banking, real estate and insurance, but the platform is also well-suited for other industries. Read more about Proxima here.


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