GDPR compliant lead management

GDPR vennlig system

Proxima is a platform that helps you follow up on your customer enquiries more effectively. The platform systematizes all leads and ensures that they are kept warm. We are 100 % GDPR compliant, and you can be sure that your leads are managed securely in our system. 

We offer industry solutions for banking, real estate and insurance – but the system is not limited to this. Proxima is a great tool for all companies in need of efficient lead management. 

Get more out of your leads with Proxima

We at Proxima Code know that a problem in several industries is that companies do not get enough out of their leads. Leads are not followed up sufficiently, and one often ends up not getting any benefits from them. This usually happens due to bad systems and routines for handling customer enquiries. For this reason, we have developed Proxima.

With Proxima, you can be sure that your customer enquiries are managed effectively. Proxima is a user-friendly and versatile portal. The system can be adapted to different situations and types of businesses. Our customers can easily access the system, and are able to both register and receive tips on mobile devices. In our opinion, Lead management has never been easier, in our opinion.

What are leads?

In short, leads are persons that have shown interest in your products and services. This is thereby a potential customer that could be of great value to your business. When a person is registered as a lead, you have their contact information and can reach out to them with an offer.

Transfer leads between bank, real estate and insurance

There is close cooperation between the banking, real estate and insurance industries. The services offered in the three industries are closely connected; customers often need several simultaneously. Moving leads between these industries can undoubtedly have great value. 

With Proxima, banking advisers, insurance advisers and realtors can send tips to each other. For example, moving a lead from a bank to real estate can happen if a customer reaches out to the bank wanting a mortgage approval letter when purchasing or selling a house. The banking adviser can then ask the customer whether they would like to be contacted by a skilled realtor. If the customer agrees, the banking adviser can add them as a lead in Proxima. With the customer’s consent, the tip is forwarded to the realtor, who potentially gets a new customer.

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How it works

  1. Real estate agent, banking adviser, insurance adviser or another user registers a lead in the system.

  2. The system obtains consent via SMS, BankID or other solutions. If SMS is chosen, the customer is asked to reply with a «yes» if they wish to be contacted.

  3. Obtained consent is registered in the system.

  4. The lead is forwarded to the right recipient.

  5. We have a predefined list of recipients in the system. If the primary recipient fails to follow up on the lead, it is automatically transferred to the next recipient. This process is repeated until the lead is managed.

  6. A recipient manages the lead and decides whether an offer will be made.

  7. The customer receives an offer.
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Lead flow in owned sales channels

In addition to managing incoming leads from partners, Proxima is a useful tool for managing and systematizing leads coming from your owned channels. Often, a company is in contact with customers in many different ways. Perhaps you have a contact form on your website, customer contact by phone and so on. A large number of leads often come in throughout the day, and a good system makes it easier to stay on top of them.

With Proxima, you also get insight into how your different channels can be optimized. The results of your campaigns, ads and similar can be tracked into our system, giving you a full overview of the results.

GDPR and lead management

In 2018, GDPR became a relevant topic in Norway, as a new personal data act was implemented. This law regulates how personal data is handled, and entails several duties for companies that collect and use such information. Naturally, management of personal data is also a topic that is relevant to leads. With Proxima, you can be sure that all GDPR rules are followed.

Private individuals for instance have the right to receive information about the storage and management of their personal data. They should be able to acquire their data if they ask for it. Furthermore, the details should be deleted if requested by the individual. Additionally, the company should not store the data for longer than what is necessary to manage them.

Our routines ensure that we are 100 % GDPR compliant. We anonymize all data about leads, no later than 90 days after they are processed. Finished leads are transferred to the company’s system, such as the real estate system or the bank’s CRM system. We can also anonymize data directly at the request of the private individual. If they use our business customers’ “delete me” features, the data will simultaneously be deleted from our database.

The company’s responsibility

Our systems facilitate good management of personal data. When meeting our customers, we also provide advice and information about best practices. At the end of the day, however, it is the company’s own responsibility to examine their processes and ensure that these are GDPR compliant.

Larger companies usually have their own lawyers assess how rigorous their processes need to be. In some cases, skipping the obtainment of consent may be an option – for instance if you are physically meeting with a customer who gives their consent on-site. In that case, obtaining additional consent by SMS or similar is unnecessary. We can easily override this in Proxima when requested by our customers.

Fewer leads, but more conversions

The consent requirement has led to big changes for businesses that manage leads. Tips cannot be forwarded in the system until consent is registered. Naturally, not everyone replies “yes” when asked if they wish to be contacted. Thus, the number of leads sent through the system has gone down compared to before. At the same time, however, conversions have increased significantly!

This development demonstrates that the value of leads does not lie in the amount, but rather in the quality. We now see the importance of managing leads in the right way in order to make them better.

Keep your leads warm with good systems

In lead management, the most important thing is that the leads are kept warm. They need to be managed as quickly as possible, by the right person. If a lead is not followed up quickly, we typically see that the customer is lost to a competitor.

A good system for lead management ensures good follow-up. If a tip is not handled within reasonable time, Proxima forwards it to the next person in the system. If this person also fails to take action, the lead is sent to the next person in line. Thereby, no lead is left unhandled without any action being taken.

We also see the value of preparing the customer before initiating contact. This can be done in a number of ways – for instance by customizing the message in the SMS going out to the customer. When the customer is prepared and set on receiving an offer, the chance of conversion is greater. With this, the company’s advisers also get more in return for their calls.

Secure system for lead management

New threats pop up in the digital world on a regular basis, and we at Proxima Code constantly need to be on the ball when it comes to security. We have entered into a hosting agreement with a secure, cloud-based server service. With this, we have a third party ensure that everything is updated to the latest version at all times.

Proxima is security tested continuously. With reviews, revisions and penetration testing, we check that all servers, APIs, websites and so on are as secure as possible. A penetration test involves allowing an external party to attempt to hack our systems, letting us find potential security holes. We can proudly say that Proxima has passed the test each time.

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