How does Proxima give you optimal customer flow management?

Does your company spend time and money on activities and initiatives without knowing the outcome? Proxima gives you a measurable answer to the value of the time and money you spend on collaboration and initiatives in your company. Our solution is the only A-to-Z solution that gives you the tools to measure impact, but also helps you to further streamline the results in your company. It’s about unlocking the potential in your company, especially through effective customer flow management. With Proxima, you gain complete visibility into all customer flows in one place.

Optimal customer flow management

A customer flow is all the activities carried out in the market that are intended to generate interest and inquiries. It is therefore all the inquiries that come back, which are based on an activity linked to the company. The main goal of all companies is to get in touch with customers, treat them correctly to create results, and know which measures actually give customers. This is an overview that is absolutely essential to know for your company. It is important to process customer flows correctly so that they get an optimal customer journey. A lot of time and money is spent on measures and activities that do not generate sales, but with our solution you will get a complete overview of all customer flows. This gives you insight into the measures you are taking that benefit the company. Whether it is measures on Facebook, Google, partners or websites, this is how Proxima contributes to the work with customer flows. You get the necessary overview that is absolutely essential to know where you should use funds in the company’s marketing budget.

When a lead is generated, it is up to the responsible person to follow up on the lead. This will work in small volumes, as there is the capacity to contact the lead quickly. It is when companies with large volumes have to handle leads continuously that chaos begins and one loses track and opportunities. When an inquiry is not followed up on quickly enough, the chance that this will become a customer is very small. This is where we deliver our solution. We give you a system that handles large customer flows, where no leads fall between the cracks and are forgotten. We give your company optimal processing of customer flows with our system.

GDPR-compliant lead management

A key part of our solution is the Personal Data Act. We make sure to comply with the rules related to GDPR and consents, and in other words only handle leads that have asked to be contacted, in other words an active consent.

Proxima Code

Proxima - An A-Z solution

We are an A-to-Z solution that gives you the tools for full visibility and control over your customer flows, where GDPR is complied with. We give you a solution for optimal handling of customer flows that gives you conversions. Our solution follows up leads continuously.

We give you more than an overview of traffic, clicks and inquiries. We give you the answer to what the value is of these numbers combined. You get full insight into what the channels you have used have given in results, too much traffic and inquiries do not guarantee that you end up with actual customers. Do not waste time and money on channels that never lead to results.

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Full visibility into the entire customer journey

Real-time visibility into the entire customer journey is crucial, as opportunities arise in real-time. The time you have to close a customer is absolutely critical. We say that leads are perishable, and the competition is fierce for most businesses. If you wait too long to contact a lead, you will lose it. Time is absolutely crucial for conversion, you need the good sales call to create an effective customer journey. When you start a customer process, you need to be on the ball right away, as it reduces the chance of competitors coming in and taking the customer from you. You build a focus from the customer by following up with them as quickly as possible. Having a lead system that continuously contacts the customer is solely to be able to extract the effect you want from your marketing activities. This gives you maximum utilization of the customer journey.

Turn negative customer experiences around with Proxima

Proxima helps to counteract and reverse negative customer experiences through the quick follow-up the customer receives from an employee in your company. With quick follow-up from a person who is as up-to-date as possible on the matter, the customer will feel cared for. This has a great effect.

It is wise to know in black and white that your resources are being used effectively to achieve results. You get an overview that gives the management and budget managers in your company the opportunity to take a closer look at what has been achieved from the measures that have been taken, which will also help to put forward future measures.

Good lead culture

The value of the bridge we have created between partners across the group and partners has had a tremendous impact. Not only by working according to best practice, but having a good lead culture is very difficult to implement as it is dependent on people. Therefore, having a system that stands for the lead culture so that all leads are treated equally is extremely effective. Implementing the system has an immediate impact on conversions and provides tremendous insight into the way the company works, how you work, and where you can take action to achieve even better results. As soon as you implement the system, you gain insights into something you have never seen before. The way your company operates and what you can get out of your current activities. Based on this insight, it is up to the company to implement measures that improve your results. This is a tool your company cannot miss.

Proxima gives you optimal lead handling. Not only do you have the overview, but we help you increase the chances of leads ending up as customers by taking the right actions. No matter what industry you work in, the same need will underlie it. We deliver a solution that can be used in all industries.

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