Proxima – An optimal tool for the management

Proxima Code has 20 years of experience in lead management and counts some of Scandinavia’s largest banks and brokers among its clients. With Proxima, you, as a manager, gain a tool that offers significant value and a real-time view of your business’s performance.

Data capture and organized leads handling

To achieve good conversions, it is crucial to have efficient systems in place to ensure leads are handled quickly and correctly. With Proxima, your company gains full visibility over all customer flows. Through the solution’s dashboard, you have real-time insights, control over internal referrals, and an increased potential for converting qualified, already interested customers.

Proxima improve collaboration between partners across the company and between partners, all in compliance with GDPR and with an overarching goal of contributing to your company’s growth.

Personalized follow-up and excellent ROI

Immediately after implementation, you and your company can measure and track conversions. Clear reports provide insights in a simple and straightforward manner. Compare to the previous year and analyze the hit rate of various activities, from partner assessments to digital campaigns on social media. The softwarel is designed to streamline operations and serve as a detailed management tool that offers information on where leads actually originate, allowing your company to allocate necessary resources effectively.

Another essential aspect is the personal touch the software enables. Traditionally, a pile of leads often ends up randomly distributed among advisors or partners. Proxima ensures a strong lead culture, where each lead is kept warm by being assigned to the right advisor shortly after the end customer requests contact. The entire customer journey is handled in compliance with GDPR, and each customer flow feels seen and taken care of throughout the process.

Proxima Code

Benefits of Proxima

– Enhanced collaboration

– Control over internal referrals

– Direct routing to the right recipient

– Increased conversion

– Loan, revenue, and commission matching

– Insights

– Growth

Quick implementation and significant opportunities

Proxima is designed for quick implementation and allows communication across existing systems. There’s no need for a major overhaul or costly user training. There are several ways to use the solution, but the common thread is that leads pass through us, are distributed, and provide the opportunity to gather detailed information about their source. Another crucial aspect is consent management. All leads processed through Proxima include a consent form, ensuring that all contacts result from clear customer requests and comply with GDPR regulations.

Learn more about how Proxima works here.

Different ways to use the system:

  • Through our interfaces: Everything is delivered through our system.
  • Through custom interfaces: The solution is connected to the customer’s existing system and serves as a hub.
  • Across interfaces: Used when only one of the parties is a customer. Communicates via API.

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