Proxima – How it works in practice


Most of our clients come to us looking for a system to manage leads effectively. In today’s dynamic business world, where potential customers are more valuable than ever, the ability to retain and leverage every lead is a significant competitive advantage. But how does Proxima actually work?

Understanding customer flows from A to Z

In today’s digital landscape, it can be challenging to keep track and, more importantly, measure effectiveness across different channels. A key component of our approach is providing businesses with a comprehensive overview of their inbound and outbound customer flows, consolidating this information in one place. This involves tracking and analyzing data from various sources, such as partners, insurance companies, marketing, banks, and more.

Proxima facilitates internal referrals and generates detailed reports for development. This, in turn, provides valuable information and insights that help businesses tailor and optimize their conversion process.

Effektiv leadshåndtering i Nordea

Empowering users to excel

Proxima places a strong emphasis on fostering a lead culture that drives increased sales. All leads processed through the system are customers who have actively requested to be contacted. This ecosystem provides businesses with the ability to measure the impact of leads at a company or individual level. Additionally, Proxima Code offers a solution to track growth and identify the sources of that growth. They provide answers about where leads originate, which is crucial for future success.

The program ensures that each lead is directed to the right person at the right time, increasing the conversion rate before leads go cold. The system also includes alert mechanisms that inform users when they need to engage with leads. The clear workflow of the system strengthens the positive internal culture and guides users through the entire process.

GDPR vennlig system

Quick implementation and vast versatility

Proxima is designed for quick implementation and offers communication compatibility with existing systems. There’s no need for a massive overhaul or costly user training. There are several ways to use the solution, but the common thread in all of them is that leads pass through Proxima Code, are distributed, and offer the opportunity to collect detailed information about their origins. Another critical aspect is consent management. All leads that go through Proxima require explicit customer consent, ensuring that all contacts result from a clear customer demand and comply with GDPR regulations.

Different Ways to Use the System:

  • Through our interfaces: Everything is delivered through our system.
  • Through custom interfaces: The solution integrates with the customer’s existing system and functions as a hub.
  • Across interfaces: Used when only one of the parties is a customer, communicating via an API.

Fostering a strong lead culture with value for customers

Sufficient insights, quality, and proper handling are critical factors for conversion. Some of the challenges related to lead management in general can include GDPR compliance, allocating leads to the right recipients, processing them quickly, tracking conversion and outcomes, and leveraging existing partnerships effectively.

As Proxima manages leads from already interested, potential customers who have requested to be contacted, creating a good and efficient lead culture is of utmost importance.

All leads go directly to the right advisor but also provide the opportunity for, for example, a broker to track the status in real time to ensure effective lead handling and potential conversion.

With this system, Proxima Code sets a new standard for how businesses can efficiently handle leads. The solution provides valuable insights and ensures that no leads are lost. This enables businesses to collaborate with partners, increase sales, and maintain a positive internal culture. Proxima is the key to retaining and leveraging every lead for success in today’s competitive market.

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