Do you want to get more out of your leads? Proxima collects and processes your leads quickly and efficiently – of course 100% GDPR-compliant. 

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User-friendly platform for efficient lead management

Proxima gives you a full overview of all your leads, distributes them to the right people and makes sure they are handled while they are still hot. That’s efficient lead management!

Businesses in all industries can benefit from better lead management. By customizing Proxima to match your needs, you will improve your results in no time at all. The system can be used in different ways: Use the solution as a new platform or incorporate it into your existing work tools — the choice is yours.

Organize leads from different sources

With Proxima you get an overview of all incoming leads, whether they come from your own channels or your partners’. The platform organizes data from sources such as: 

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Escalation enables fast lead follow-up

Fast lead follow-up is everything when it comes to lead management, and this is the very idea behind our system. Proxima makes sure your leads are handled quickly. By adding your list of lead recipients to the system, the lead is automatically sent to the next person on the list if it is not handled within a reasonable time. This way you are guaranteed that no leads are lost in the system!

Using the platform is easy and uncomplicated. Let us deal with all the technical stuff. All you have to do is concentrate on your clients. 

Notify your partners about leads

Being able to move leads between different departments, companies and partners is valuable in several industries. Proxima contributes to a new kind of interaction — our system gives you a full overview of what leads others have been notified about, as well as what happens to the leads in the other end.

Your partners can keep working in their own tools — our integration is flexible, which enables easy incorporation of the solution into other systems. 

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Proxima Code

It's easy to get started!

You decide how you want to use our system. We recommend starting small and expanding after a while. This way you can get to know the system and explore the possibilities within before you dive into the customization options available.

We have made a standard setup, making it fast and easy to get started with Proxima. This means you get a tried-and-true setup that has yielded great results for many of our clients. 

There are NO bad leads

All leads have the potential to be good, as long as they are handled the right way. With good tools and routines you avoid losing leads because they are not handled fast enough. Proxima helps you organize and streamline the follow-up of your clients and opportunities. The users of our system have seen an instant improvement in sales and conversions. Besides, their clients experience quick feedback, which yields improved customer satisfaction. Everybody wins! 

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Customize your system

Proxima is a user-friendly and flexible portal, and as a user you can customize the system to give you the best value. It is up to you how many changes and adjustments you want to make. 


Escalation engine

Using the escalation engine, you can define how and when your leads are going to be escalated. Escalation means that a lead is forwarded to the next recipient if it stays too long in the system. You decide how your leads are escalated; which recipients they should be forwarded to and how fast the escalation process should be.

The escalation engine helps handling your leads quickly, but you can define what that means for different kinds of leads. While some leads should be handled within a few hours, others can wait until the next day.

Forwarding leads

You can decide who is going to receive the different leads based on a number of criteria. For instance, leads from certain postal codes or senders can be forwarded to departments of your choice or departments in certain geographic areas. You can also divide the leads evenly between different departments. In addition, certain kinds of leads can be forwarded to certain recipients within the departments. You are free to choose the solution that works best for you.



Our platform obtains consent when leads are going to be moved between different parties. You are free to formulate the content in the texts being sent to potential leads, distinguishing the content based on the different kinds of leads. 



The system makes sure that no data is kept in the database longer than your leads have consented to. After a predefined number of days all the client data is anonymized. You can make a setup which defines how many days your leads will stay in the system. This can be defined based on lead type and where the leads are in the process — a lead that is not yet handled does not usually stay in the system for the same amount of time as a handled lead. 


Tidy plattform for different users

Proxima has different functions based on the user’s role:

  • Users actively working with leads have access to a page with an overview of all incoming leads. Here they can also see what leads they are currently handling, as well as the leads that are next in line. They can also search among forwarded leads, a handy function that makes the job easier.
  • Users that have a leading role can use the platform to generate reports about leads, with statistics on forwarded leads, what leads have been converted to customers, sources of leads, kinds of leads, handling time, etc. All the data in the system can be used to make reports. Leaders are also able to generate customized reports for their own department. All reports can be generated in Excel for simple handling and distribution.

All statistics are saved in our system, so that you have easy access when the need arises. Besides, the numbers and user data can give you insight into the best ways to use the different resources in future lead management.

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Safe storing of leads

Our data is safely stored in isolated online environments, secured according to industry standards. We use a cloud server, which means that a third party helps us keep the safety measures up-to-date at all times.

We are continually working on revealing possible safety errors in Proxima. Every year the system is revised and the safety is tested by an independent party, and we have passed with flying colours every single time.

100% GDPR compliant

Proxima facilitates GDPR compatible handling of leads. We maintain and ensure practice according to GDPR through obtaining customer consent, as well as ensuring correct storing and handling of privacy information.

All lead data is anonymized no later than 90 days after being completely handled. We can also anonymize data if a person asks for this directly. And if the person uses the ‘delete me’ function on one of our clients’ websites, the data is removed from our system. Do you need help concerning GDPR? We are happy to give you advice and information about best practice! 

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