Structure in PrivatMegleren’s lead management

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Proxima ensures that PrivatMegleren gets outstanding structure intheir incoming leads. A good overview, both for the management and the real estate agents, ensures that they can provide great customer follow-up and efficient lead management.  

Leads are managed while they are still hot 

When a lead is received, we are notified by SMS or email. This enables us to respond quickly and forward the lead to an available real estate agent. If it is not dealt with within a reasonable time, it flows back around to us, so that we can pass it on to the next broker. This allows us to handle the lead while it is still hot, and ensures that the customer receives good follow-up from one of our brokers. This is what managing director of PrivatMegleren, Ellen Pike, tells us.

Secures a good overview

Proxima gives the management an overview of the status of the leads. Pike says that this is important, as it allows them to see whether they are on track when they transfer leads to partners, like Nordea. The system gives PrivatMegleren full reports, which they use to ensure that the leads they transfer are of sufficient quality. 

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A terrific customer tool 

With Proxima, you get a full overview and mapping of which sources generate leads. This helps companies to put their resources where they are needed. For PrivatMegleren, this feature is quite helpful.

– For us, the solution is a good customer tool. We are interested in seeing where the leads originate from, and with Proxima, we can see if they come from Nordea, our website or other partners. This way, we can see the origin of our “food”, says Pike.

Proxima provides efficient lead management from broker to financial advisor.


Easy to use  

Today, the employees of PrivatMegleren use Proxima as an additional system that gives them quick and efficient notifications about leads. They can customize how they want to be notified of incoming leads, whether they want a reminder, SMS or email only. As the system can be adapted to each individual, this ensures that the brokers can handle the leads in the best possible way.

Allows for excellent customer service

The system enables home buyers to have good follow-up by skilled brokers. We get the information we need to be able to do the necessary preparatory work, so that we are well prepared when we make contact with the customer, says Pike.

Proxima ensures efficient lead management

With Proxima, your company can establish an efficient lead management process. All leads are systematized and organized, so that they can be processed while they are still hot. All customer information is handled securely and fully in accordance with GDPR – this is how you ensure your customers’ safety.

 Our solution has been developed for real estate, banking and insurance, but is suitable for all industries and companies where efficient lead management is important. With the help of open APIs, it is easily integrated into already existing systems.

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