The lead system that is easily integrated into existing systems


Quick and efficient leads management is crucial when treating incoming leads. Managing the leads while they are still hot increases the chance of conversion significantly. Proxima provides your company with a system that streamlines lead management and transfers. All incoming leads are followed up and taken care of.

Our industry solution has been developed for banking, real estate and insurance, but is easily implemented in other industries where efficient lead management is important. The easy integration is made possible by our open APIs.

How do open APIs work?

Proxima is easily integrated into different company systems due to our open APIs. An open API (open application programming interface) uses a common or universal language or structure that ensures universal access. This means that our open APIs allow developers to use our solution as a third-party software for existing systems


Allows for easy connection to all systems  

Proxima’s open APIs allow the solution to connect to all types of systems, including CRM systems. These can be systems for real estate , such as Vitec Next, Webmegler, Weptop, Visma Real Estate, etc. Our solution also connects to banking systems such as Dynamics, On-Premises, Cloud, and more. Any industry where efficient lead management is crucial can connect their system to Proxima.

Proxima provides efficient lead transfer between broker and banker. 

Our solution also integrates easily with other platforms, such as Adobe Campaign. Thus, Proxima ensures that you can easily follow incoming leads from campaigns. Our customers experience that campaigns with our solution integrated have a simplified lead follow-up, which enables them to process tips while they are still hot.

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Keep your preexisting systems 

With Proxima, banks, insurance companies, real estate companies agents or other industries are able to keep existing systems. This is positive for our customers, as total changes to new systems are an expensive and time-consuming affair. Our solution makes it easy for employees as they avoid having to learn a new system, but instead get a software that ensures more efficient management of leads.

Here you can read about how Proxima met Gjensidige’s needs. 

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Our platform streamlines the follow-up of all customer inquiries. Proxima ensures that all incoming leads are systematized and processed while they are still hot. All customer data is safeguarded 100% GDPR-compliant, so all tips are processed in a secure manner.

Our industry solution has been developed for banking, real estate and insurance, but can easily be integrated into all industries where customer follow-up is important.

You can read more about how Proxima works here. 

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