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Proxima gives Gjensidige an overview of all leads transferred from the company to their partner. With the platform, Gjensidige gains useful insights into what leads convert the best – and their employees are able to spend less time gathering information. 

Better flow between partners

In the bank, real estate and insurance industries, it is a common occurrence that leads are transferred between different parties. Customers are often in need of multiple services at once, and transferring leads is advantageous both for the customer and companies involved. With a common system, this can be done more quickly and easily.

Gjensidige collaborates with Nordea, and leads are frequently transferred between the two partners. Nordea Norway has used Proxima to manage leads for several years, and in March 2022, Gjensidige also implemented the system. The reason for this was that Gjensidige wanted easier access to information about the leads transferred to Nordea, says Lovise Borud Engh, manager in the partner area housing in Gjensidige.

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Provides insights into lead conversion

In customer meetings, Gjensidige may find that customers wish to be referred to partner Nordea for a non-binding offer. If the customer gives consent, a lead is forwarded to Nordea for further handling.

Proxima allows Gjensidige employees to see the status of the leads they have sent to Nordea. Engh says that this provides them with insights into which types of transferred leads are the most valuable for Nordea. In the portal, they can for instance see what leads have converted into sales. This can give them an idea of how they should prioritize different leads in the future.

You can read more about how Nordea Norge uses Proxima here.

Increased efficiency with a tidy system

Gjensidige did not have a similar system before implementing Proxima. If employees wanted to check up on leads sent to Nordea, they had to do this manually. A large number of e-mails were sent back and forth in order to acquire information, which was time-consuming.

With Proxima, Gjensidige has a clear and tidy system that is easy to navigate. Gjensidige’s employees are no longer dependent on replies from another party – they can access the system and look into leads themselves. They thereby save a lot of time with the new system, Engh says.

Pleased with system and service

Gjensidige are very satisfied with Proxima. They feel that the platform covers their needs well, as they now have better access to information.

According to Engh, the collaboration with Proxima Code has also been good. They have received sufficient information and experienced fast response times throughout the process. Furthermore, they had digital training after the system was integrated, and Engh says that she even received a follow-up call afterwards.

What is Proxima?

With Proxima, you get a platform that systematizes your leads. Our system helps you follow up on customer enquiries more effectively, which is beneficial for both customer and company. We have an industry solution developed for banking, real estate and insurance – but the system is equally well suited for other industries.

We are of course 100 % GDPR compliant! If you choose our system, you can be sure that all leads are managed securely. Here, you can read more about how Proxima works.

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