What is a lead, and how is it best managed?

Hva er et lead

A lead is a person or company who has shown interest in what you have to offer. By interest, we mean someone who is ready to share their personal information and wants to listen to your offers. Think about how much easier your work would be if everyone you reached out to were such leads! With Proxima your day will indeed look like that. Our solution ensures that all leads you receive are interested in what you have to offer. The system also ensures the best possible lead managment while the person’s interest is still warm.

A lead is an opportunity

A lead can be someone who is interested in your services, such as mortgages, consumer loans and other services. This makes the person a potential customer. By being a potential customer, the lead also becomes an opportunity for you – an opportunity for conversion!

Seize the opportunity – within a reasonable time

Once you have brought in a potential customer, you should manage them in a way that turns them into more than an opportunity and results in a conversion. You do this by treating the lead for what it is, namely a fresh product. It is during the period when the leads come in, that they are the warmest and most interested in your services. If you wait too long, you risk losing the lead. Either by them instead seeking out your competitor, or because they changed their minds about such services.

Long processing time not only results in a lost opportunity, but can also affect your reputation. A company that manages leads efficiently and within a reasonable time creates good customer satisfaction, and may also increase the chance of customer loyalty.

Proxima Code
Proxima Code

How do you process leads within a reasonable time?

In order to handle leads as efficiently as possible, a good system is crucial. Without a proper system, this increases the chance of disorganized lead management where incoming leads are left in an inbox for too long. This was one of the factors that inspired us at Proxima Code to create a solution that systematizes and collects all leads in one place.

All types of leads – handled by one system 

There are many types of leads. In the industries we collaborate with the most, there are people seeking mortgages, consumer loans and other types of services. Leads are often categorized according to the specific service they want, and can either be private or business customers. Regardless of which lead category and which channel they come from, good organization and systematization are essential for effective handling.

With Proxima, you get a system that automatically systematizes all your incoming leads. Our solution is easily integrated into all systems, and works like a third-party software. You thus get software that connects to all desirable systems. This creates a good systematization of all incoming leads. All leads are collected, and then automatically forwarded to an available adviser. This ensures that the customer gets faster processing, and the company can take advantage of an opportunity while it is still warm.

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Create a better lead culture

We at Proxima Code tend to say: “There is no such thing as bad leads, only bad follow-up!”. This is because all incoming leads initially are interested in the services you may provide. What determines whether the opportunity is seized or not is the company’s management of the lead. Fast and good lead management is absolutely essential for increased conversion. Lead culture is something that takes time to build, but Proxima offers you a quick-fix solution.

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Do you want to learn more about how Proxima works? 

Proxima is a solution created to streamline and better systematize leads for your company. Our industry solution was originally created for banking, real estate and insurance, but can be implemented into all industries where good lead management is of importance. Our solution ensures that customers’ consent is obtained and personal information is managed according to GDPR. You can read more here about how our solution works.


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