Why use Proxima?

When big strategic decisions need to be made in a leadership team, having actual measurable data as a starting point is crucial. Having reports that clearly highlight where change is needed is a huge advantage when potential changes need to be implemented. When your company aims to convert warm leads, a management tool is necessary that’s forward-thinking and fosters a measurable lead culture – both internally and throughout the end-to-end customer journey.

Proxima Code

From warm leads to increased conversions

First off, this is not a leads generator; it’s a system that handles leads that have actively requested contact—either from your company or via your company’s partners.

Proxima emphasizes nurturing a lead culture that drives more sales. All leads processed through the system are customers who have explicitly asked to be contacted. This ecosystem provides companies the ability to measure the impact of leads at a company or individual level. Additionally, the system provides a solution to track growth and identify its sources. It answers where leads come from, which is crucial for future success.

The system ensures that each lead is properly addressed to the right person at the right time, helping to increase conversion rates before leads turn cold. The system also includes notification systems that alert users when they need to follow up on leads. The positive internal culture is reinforced through the system’s clear action patterns, guiding users through the entire process.

Learn more about how Proxima works in practice here.

Targeted work on customer journeys

Anyone in sales knows that one negative experience can be enough to lose a sale or generate bad reviews. Similarly, positive experiences can create loyal, long-term customers who recommend you to friends and acquaintances. In a digital world where everything can be shared with a click and competition is global, having satisfied customers and smooth customer flows is more critical than ever.

Proxima facilitates complete insight into the entire customer journey in real time and optimal handling of incoming leads. The system’s dashboard allows for adjustments and clear insights, making it easier to set premises and goals for further strategic work.

With this system, Proxima Code has built a bridge between partners across the conglomerate and among collaborators. All in accordance with GDPR and with an overarching goal to contribute to the growth of your company.

Benefits of Proxima

Quick implementation and seamless GDPR handling

Proxima is designed for rapid implementation and the possibility of communication across existing systems. There’s no need for a massive overhaul or expensive user training. There are various ways to use the solution, but the common denominator is that the leads pass through us, are distributed, and offer the opportunity to gather detailed information about where the leads are coming from. Another crucial aspect is consent management. All leads passing through Proxima have consent forms where it’s required. This ensures that all contacts are a result of a clear request from the customer and comply with GDPR regulations.


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