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Does your organization have multiple departments and CRM systems? Is lead-communication across platforms difficult? Would you like incoming leads to contain more valuable information? Or do you have multiple partners delivering leads, and wish you could prioritize and sort them more efficiently?

Proxima Code has developed a lead management solution and integrated it into various CRM systems for numerous banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms in Scandinavia. The solution is ideal for different businesses and sectors collaborating on the same customers, selling different products.

We would like to help you with efficient and seamless lead management across CRM systems, departments, and partner companies.

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Get all leads in your CRM system, including the entire customer journey

Proxima is a solution that gathers leads in the CRM system you use. The leads contains all the relevant history and customer information – from the lead’s beginning, all the way to advisors, sales reps, and partners. Across the CRM systems you use, you can effectively delegate leads to the recipient best suited to convert each lead into a sale. When the right recipient quickly can receive leads with comprehensive information about the customer’s needs, you get efficient profitability and more sales.

With the leads integration, you can work in the system you already know, without having to learn new systems or make significant changes to the way you work. The solution is hidden in the back-end of your CRM system. The program gathers leads from all the channels and systems that you and your partners use. We do this using RESTful API, which you can read more about here: The lead system that is easily integrated into existing systems.

Quick and seamless integration into your CRM

Plug and play: We integrate the solution quickly into the CRM systems you already use. Proxima can be applied to all CRM systems. For example, we have integrated it into, among others, HubSpot, Vitec, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, for many clients.

The Proxima can of course also be used as a separate SaaS solution. Many of our customers, including Nordea, have chosen this. Then the Proxima will function as an independent and innovative lead system, which communicates with their solutions for the best possible experience.

Proxima Code

Leads that retrieve customer information from the sender's CRM

When you receive a lead from an external party/partner, will our system provide you with much more than just a name and number. With our solution integrated into your CRM system, necessary customer information and history from your partner’s CRM are retrieved when you receive a lead. This is critical so that the recipient can handle the lead in the best way. Proxima acts as a hub – a central mediator of all leads from everyone you collaborate with. This way, you can send valuable lead information back and forth and communicate about them. This creates a good lead-culture and provides greater value in internal collaboration, and with your external partners.

Communicate in one program, and we'll speak to all others for you

When all departments in your organization and those you collaborate with use only one system for lead management, you don’t have to maintain and work with many different integrations and systems. Because all leads go through our solution, you get one common platform for data collection and analytics. This gives you the best opportunity to evaluate activities and campaigns across organizations. With total insight into what converts best, you can make the right adjustments in your workflow, and future marketing activities.

Leads ready for convertion, to the right advisor

There are many configurations available so that you can customize lead management in your company’s CRM to best convert leads into sales. In addition to valuable information and good communication flow, there are many other options in the solution that result in more sales. E.g. we have functionality to send leads to the right advisor and we prevent leads from lingering without being handled.

We collect consents and gather them in one place

All lead communication through the Proxima is set up in accordance with applicable regulations and GDPR. Consents can come at different times, from different channels, and needs to be integrated into many systems. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We help you so that customer consents including associated information, are available in all the systems you use for customer and relationship management (CRM).

Automated leads from various stages of the buyer's journey

One of the reasons why leads through our solution have valuable content is because information is gathered from various parts of a customers’ buying journeys. For example, a person at a viewing may have checked off for interest in an offer for mortgage, without having further dialogue with the broker or interest in that specific house. But the lead can be automatically sent to your CRM system. We know that you and your partners want to spend more time on your own sales, and less time on manual lead sharing and filling them yourself with good information. We work so that you can focus on sales whilst getting more leads – leads of higher quality.

The only solution that gathers all leads to multiple CRM systems

Proxima Code is the only provider in Norway offering a RESTful API that gathers all leads and customer information across CRM systems and collaborating organizations.

A major Norwegian player on our client list experienced a tripling in lead conversion with the Proxima integrated into their CRM systems.

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